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Leverage Data-Driven Insights for Sales Enablement

Gartner’s latest research indicates adopting data-driven decision making helps sales leaders drive measurable business impact. Their analysis shows data-driven sales leaders have sales teams that are 8% more likely to exceed quota and achieve 7% higher average deal sizes compared to the average. The key is combining analytics, business intelligence, and qualitative insights.

Source: Gartner, The Future of Sales Leadership is Data-Driven

Increase Quota Performance with Sales Coaching Strategies

According to Corporate Visions research, sales organizations that have excellent coaching are 67% more likely to exceed quota compared to those with poor coaching. In fact, their analysis shows that coaching can improve sales quota attainment by as much as 11%. They recommend a combination of in-person coaching and technology-enabled tools to optimize coaching effectiveness.

Source: Corporate Visions, 2016 State of Sales Coaching Report